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Nordic Human Body Flower Vases

Nordic Human Body Flower Vases

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1. Handmade artworks: Designed and manufactured by genius artists, inspired by women/women. A bunch of flowers in the vase exclusive sale of Fattybee. * Does not contain plants/flowers *.
2. Multi-purpose: This exquisite hand-drawn female vase can be used in a shade or a stroke. Special pay special attention to the size because the size is smaller than the image.
3. Unique decorations can attract our eyes: add a modern breath, artistic atmosphere for any space. Female vases are an eye-catching work that pays tribute to female body curves.
4. Intimate Gift: What gift is given to her? If she likes the city Bohemian decoration or unique home decoration, then this small vase will give people a deep impression. Beautiful gift box packaging.


Material: Ceramic
Custom processing: Yes
Surface technology: glazing
Packaging: carton packaging
Style: European
Craft: Color glaze

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